Princesses in shining armour. Kings longing for a child.
Young men rewarded for seeing past the flaws of beastly princesses.
Welcome to the binary busting world of Gender Swapped Stories
Gender Swapped Stories takes the most famous stories from around the world and gender swaps them using a computer algorithm turning 'he' to 'she' and 'mother' to 'father'. These stories are for girls, boys, non binary and trans people and adults of all kinds. The books shine a light on the gender binaries in language, the roles we adopt and the stories we've been telling our children for generations.
'Book of the Day' in the Guardian with a review by Zoe Williams (28/10/20)
'Book of the Month' in The Bookseller (14/8/20)
'Best Books of Autumn 2020' in the Guardian (3/9/20)

Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 9780571360185